The Benefits of Iron

For those with an active lifestyle

Generally women have higher iron requirements than men due to extra demands caused by blood loss in menstruation and pregnancy. The latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows the average woman doesn’t get enough iron from their diet alone. Additionally, the busy pace of day-to-day living can often lead you to feeling tired and having less energy. The Iron in Spatone helps maintain energy and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Food Sources of Iron

For vegetarians

2-20% of the iron in plant-based foods is absorbed compared to up to 35% from meat sources. Therefore a vegetarian diet can mean that you are not able to get all the iron your need from your food alone. Spatone is a gentle and easily absorbed liquid iron supplement which can help ensure you get your daily requirement.

What Athletes Need To Know About Iron

For athletes and people who exercise

Whether you’re into swimming, running, cycling or training on a regular basis, your body relies on sufficient oxygen and energy to achieve optimum performance, both of which rely on iron. You can lose iron through sweating, natural wastage or, if you’re a runner, ‘foot strike’ hemolysis (repeated pounding of the feet on a hard surface which can damage red blood cells).

The Importance of Iron During Pregnancy

For pregnancy and breastfeeding*

Some pregnant women can be prone to low iron levels because the baby needs the iron it gets from its mother to grow and develop.  During the second and third trimester the iron requirement can often increase in pregnancy. If you are using Spatone when you are pregnant, the recommended amount is 2 sachets per day instead of 1.*Always check with your doctor or midwife before taking any supplements.