Joe – London

Aaron – London

Michelle – London
I am training for a marathon and use the Spatone iron and Vitamin C sachet on a daily basis. They taste of apple juice and are gentle on the stomach unlike many iron tablets on the market. I notice a difference in my recovery between runs and session when I take the sachets on a regular basis. I am a lot less fatigued. I would definitely recommend them!
Bryony - London
I #havetoshare just how AMAZING Spatone is...After having some exciting yet hectic times in life lately including moving house, running a business, being a mummy, a wife & 31 weeks pregnant, I was feeling v tired...my midwife recommended this natural supplement which I have just started taking & it has amazed me...
Tara-louise - Bournemouth
This was the only iron supplement I could take during pregnancy that didn't make me feel sick. It boosted my iron levels and made me feel so much better!! Def recommend.
Lucille - Bristol
So easy to take, no nasty pill or upset stomach. I like the apple Spatone that I keep ready to grab first thing in the morning!
Siobhan - Cardiff
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